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Hail Mary

As a filmmaker and documentarian, Jeff has worked on myriad of films and video projects—from women-empowering shorts to interviews with CNN's Lisa Ling to feature-length documentaries exploring cultural and societal stories. 

Jeff's documentary feature film, Hungry, debuted in 2013 at the IFC Center as part of the Doc NYC Festival. Hungry took viewers into the world of competitve eating, looking at the lengths that competitors go-to and the controversies that surround the sport. Hungry streamed on Hulu. 

Jeff's latest documentary, Tasteless, is an in-depth look into the world of comedy, exploring where jokes end and controversies begin. Tasteless is currently streaming on Doc Plus. 

Currently, Jeff is an Executive Producer on the Milk Carton Kids docu-series, which is in pre-production with MyEntertainment and Unrealistic Ideas (known for its award-winning documentaries, including McMillions). The Milk Carton Kids explores the history of the now defunct Milk Carton Program through the eyes of four adults who were found as a result of the program's efforts.